Sunday, January 3, 2010

My First Personal Blog ...

I have always believed Blogs have been a great idea, but mostly the ones that give you some relevant information. That is why the blog i usually write to at and focus on technical centric items.

However i have come to realize i do want to share other items. Not necessarily about me personally but more to help others. They mostly contain my three personal passions ... Travelling, Theatre, and the Outdoors. I didn't want to mix up my personal and professional blogs ... hence i have created this one.

The grammer will be worse, subject matter looser ... but the end goal is i hope some can gather wisdom from my experiences.

For now i am going to do a lot of "history" and go through some of my past trips and do's and donts. I am ok travelled (22 countries now) but i tend to go for short periods of time and try to maximise my time. This idea was inspired because certain "adventures" i was doing in other countries i found poorly organized online.

So to that extent my first blog will be about my most recent trip ... Antartica ... stay tuned

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